Saturday, December 27, 2008

LET US.........

The fanatics are but a handful
Let them not hold myriads in a fistful
Let them not desecrate our realms
Let not their tentacles crush us
The fanatics are but a handful
Let us defeat them in their demented schemes
Let us diffuse their phantasms
The fanatics are but a handful
Let our discern eye when somethings amiss
Let us be wary of stealthiness
Let us kindle our
perceptions to any trivial scruples
Let not the rabid handful prevail
We have acess to bastions that the guarders have not
They alone can quell them not
Come let us all together lend a hand to snuff out the insidious


ratnaprabha raykar



woman thou art precious


Woman thou art precious
Do not disdain it as something trivial
Defer not its presence
Let not the fear of chemo deter you from disclosure
Let not the doctor's scalpel panic you
woman thou art precious

Hear not to frightening accounts
Its not as difficult as it sounds
Its but a passing phase
And the sun will brightly shine again
You will blossom again like spring

Garner all you strength and join hands with your healer
to fight the mutant in you
Let it not get the better of you
thou art precious
Prabha raykar