Thursday, September 17, 2009

my world revolves around them....

I had a spat with my kids

thrusting a few grands in my kitty

i rushed out, promising myself

that i'll enjoy myself for sure

i entered a mall

frantically seizing packets upon packets

dropping them in the basket one by one,

wearing a smirk for having shopped alone


as the packets came up for billing one by one

i was amused....

each of them were my kids favourites

oh my gosh i realise suddenly

my world revolves around my kids

i am no world without them

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the moon

I gaze in wonder at the luminous moon

so pure, untouched, calm

free from the bustling world

so happy, so contented,clamouring not for more

promenading in the suns reflected glory

it seems to chuckle at our trivial squabbles

our greed for success,our frantic race for it,

our obsession with 'I' 'ME 'MINE

shrivelling many as we succeed

Ratnaprabha raykar