Wednesday, January 21, 2009

god give him strength

God give him strength

As I was lighting my diya in front of Ganesha
I had only one prayer in my heart
God give him strength
Give him strength to bear the immense trust and hope in
him reposed
HE is their messiah-their deliverer

turbulent times have shaken them
troubles and misery has trickled into their lives
they look upto him for redemption
silken gossamer dreams woven they have
Make him god
tread carefully and steadily
make their dreams come true
ratnaprabha r raykar

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pure white I cannot fathom
the multihues you hide within yourself

On a baby swathed in white
you take on the colour of innocence and joy

On a pious man
you are coloured with selflessness

On a doctor you take on the colour
of efficiency,confidence and dedication

On a nurse
You are service in person

A widow's clothes tint you with
sadness and helplessness

A postmortemed body in white
wringes pain in the heart

Who are the real YOU
HE saw seven colours
But I see many many more

Ratnaprabha R Raykar