Friday, October 30, 2009

my garden

dreading the worst, i stepped into my garden

steeling myself for a situation grave...

after lastnight's rainblast

fearing for my saplings small

big ones did not merit my fear

but stood still I.....

the saplings seemed refreshed as after a coffee

big ones shone with greenery,

if green could

and the lawn seemed perfect

I need not fear...

as almighty cares

I need not fear for my young ones too

as the Almighty that cares for THEM

cares for MINE too

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Me, in my morning rush hour

cook scrub and clean

a nightingale amidst a concrete jungle

screams and orders me to stop

to listen to her melody

'stop your chores,spare me your ear

i thought you missed me'

my ties with the nightingale

began when i lost mine

its melancholic tune chided me, irritated me

for i wished to enjoy nothing

as i lay grieving for my princess

days passed , years passed

i started seeing my princess in the nightingale

whenever i herd its melody

i felt as my princess was visiting me

as i changed houses

i thought i lost my visitor

the sharp sound of the nightingale

seemed to be angry with me

it seemed to complain

' you have forgotten me !'

no hardly ever

my wound of losing my princess is as raw as it was

and your tune as melancholic as always

Ratnaprabha r raykar

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A poem on Arundhati Nag

i would like to give a very small introduction to the poem This is about avery famous theatre personality arundhati nag who strove very hard to raise a memorial to her husband Shankar Nag who died tragically in an accident, who was a famous filmstar of kannada cinema. I was inspired to write this poem when i watched her on the occassion of the inauguration of Rangashankara her memorial to her husband

A poem on Arundhati Nag

your face shines with irridiscent glow
--the glow of a bride
smile in your eyes, spring in your step
as you skittle here and there
awaiting the arrival of your beau
waiting to be complimented for a job well done
your beau's presence pervades the whole Rangashankara
you have made him immortal

the very next moment you seem like the bride's mother
assigning tasks,overseeing them
nothing to be short of perfect

One with diadem raised a mahal
in memory of his begum
his means had no tandem
it seems not very great
your RANGASHANKARA --a living memorial
surpasses it
Ratnaprabha R RAykar